Types of ceramic and polymeric insulators that we offer in Poinsa

All ceramic, polymeric, silicone, composite insulating products are manufactured using the latest technologies in order to obtain the highest possible quality in our insulator solutions. Thus, we adapt the demands of the markets and sectors to offer the optimal solution they need. Do you want to know about the types of ceramic and polymeric insulators that we manufactured in Poinsa?

Our ceramic and polymeric insulators are already a benchmark in the following sectors:

  • Substations
  • Disconnectors
  • Bulwarks
  • Switches
  • Capacitor banks
  • Catenaries
  • Transformers
  • Reactors
  • Resistors
  • Bar ducts

Our ceramic and polymer insulator solutions

Polymer insulators

Our innovative polymeric insulators meet the demands of all our customers, including the most demanding. They have facilities in the assembly and maintenance of the same, which is a great benefit for companies since it saves time and costs.

Our Polymeric insulators solutions are specialized in:

  • Insulators for catenary and railway substations.
  • External support insulators.
  • Insulators for lines.

Support insulators for exterior and interior

Support insulators for outdoor and indoor. For the manufacture of our low, medium and high voltage external and internal support insulators we rely on the requirements of the level of electrical insulation and mechanical resistance, taking into account the location and situation. We are specialized in:

  • High voltage outdoor insulators from 6 kb to 420 kW.
  • Insulators for mechanical loading from 2,000 N to 30,000 N
  • Insulators for low voltage interiors from 1kv to 52 kb.

Insulators for the railway sector

With the aim of offering the best development in the transport infrastructure network for the different countries, we have been manufacturing insulators for the catenary both in porcelain and silicone for years.

Our insulating solutions for the railway sector are:

  • For C-160 and 3.3 KW.
  • For CR-220 and 3.3 KV
  • 35 kv high speed insulators.
  • Insulators for substations.

Insulators for transformers and bushings

Another of types of ceramic and polymeric insulators that we produce high, medium and low voltage bushing in strict compliance with both national and international standards.

Our transformer and bushings insulators specialize in:

  • Isolators for distribution transformers.
  • Low voltage insulators.
  • High voltage insulators.
  • Enclosures for current and voltage transformers.
  • Bulkhead for voltages from 10 to 72.k.

Custom insulators

Our technical department uses the latest technologies in the manufacture of industrial porcelain insulators tailored to customer requirements.

You can also find ceramic insulator solutions for substations, catenaries, transformers, reactors, bushings… and any electrical area that requires ceramic insulation.

Our polymer solutions are manufactured with the best raw materials, controlling the total process, including the distribution of insulators to clients.

The characteristics of the polymer solutions stand out for their ease of assembly and maintenance, saving companies time and costs. We highlight the characteristics of:

  • Hydrophobicity
  • Self-cleaning
  • Lightness
  • Anti pollution
  • Anti vandalism

Hybrid silicone and ceramic insulators

We are especially proud of the new hybrid insulation developments that are all advantages.

First, they are ceramic insulators on the inside and polymeric insulators on the outer shell, marking a result of technical benefits.

What types of ceramic and polymer insulators are best suited to your needs?

Contact us so that we can advise you on the best types of ceramic and polymeric insulators for your company.