Polymeric electrical insulators

With our innovative polymeric electrical insulators we satisfy all options, even the most demanding customers, offering a wide variety of insulating products for medium and high voltage.

Polymer insulators are a type of insulator used both in transmission and distribution power lines and substations. Polymeric insulators have their main advantage in mechanical resistance against shocks due to the flexibility and behavior of the insulator derived from using the polymeric material.

The positive characteristics of the solutions facilitate both the assembly and the maintenance of the polymeric insulators. They also save time and cost, giving added value to the highest quality product.

What type of polymeric insulators will you find among our products?

Wide variety of silicone products

Poinsa offers a wide catalog of silicone/polymers products to satisfy the most demanding customer needs, matching the same market shares that we have achieved in the ceramic insulator sector.
The silicone or polymeric products that you can find in our catalog of polymeric insulators are:

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