POINSA: European manufacturers of ceramic, porcelain and polymeric insulators

European manufacturers of ceramic, porcelain and polymeric insulators since 1978. Experts in national and international markets, we export more than 75% of our production worldwide and our high flexibility allow us to adapt our electrical Insulators to the customers needs and requirements. We guarantee, through the most strict product and process quality controls, the good performance of our solutions for low, medium and high voltage insulators for railways, gears and transformers.

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All of our ceramic, porcelain and polymeric electrical insulators are manufactured with the latest technologies on the market to offer the highest quality and meeting the demand of the different markets and sectors, where our polymeric, ceramic and composite electrical insulators are already a benchmark
Where can our latest technology insulators be used?

Aisladores ferrocarril

We use latest high-tech materials

Polymeric electrical insulators

Our product range includes polymeric electrical insulators, selecting the best raw materials on the market. We take care of both the manufacturing process of the insulator and the distribution solution, as a European insulator company, to get full control of the process.

In order to offer all the possible options to our customers, our polymeric insulators have features that facilitate assembly and maintenance, thus saving time and costs for companies. The characteristics of our polymeric electrical insulators are:

✔ Hydrophobicity

✔ Self-cleaning

✔ Lightness

✔ Anti-Vandal

✔ Anti-Pollution


Innovative development of our insulators that will only bring advantages and benefits to companies: Hybrid insulators.

They are the result of ceramic insulators on the inside and polymeric insulators on the outside layer, offering hybrid insulation that makes the difference for its technical benefits.

Aisladores híbridos


Quality Guarantee

Our solutions in ceramic and polymeric electrical insulators are manufactured for both high and low voltage, following UNE, CEI, DIN, UTE, etc standards. Currently, we have the satisfaction of having among our clients the most important utilities and railways companies in the national and international market.

Our target as a manufacturer and distributor of electrical insulators is the continuous improvement at all levels, and for this reason we define our quality policy based on the fact that all the products manufactured meet both our own expectations and that of our customers, in order to achieve a higher degree of training and participation of all our staff.

We are currently ISO 9001: 2015 certified with TÜV NORD- Iberia S.L and we expect to be ISO 14001 certified in 2020.

Controls and test

All the raw materials purchased, up to all semi-finished and processed products are exhaustively controlled by our quality department.

In turn, before delivering the electrical insulators, routine and sample tests are performed in accordance with current IEC and ANSI standards.

Additionally, many of our references are tested in internationally reputed independent laboratories.

Certificado AENOR y TÜV


Our products fulfill strictly with the IEC/UNE-EN standards:


Our products are approved and recognize by companies as:














Where do Poinsa, ceramic, porcelain and polymeric insulators solutions, meet?


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