Poinsa is a company dedicated to manufacture and distribution of porcelain, ceramic and polymeric electrical insulators founded in 1978. It is part of a business group that combines its efforts to become a benchmark among the main European manufacturers of ceramic and polymer insulators.

Poinsa fabricante aisladores eléctricos y poliméricos
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POINSA corporative philosophy is committed to providing:

Quality check points all over the process

Client-focused service

Investment in last technologies

Personalized developments


Give broad coverage both nationally and internationally in the market for ceramic, polymeric and ceramic electrical insulators.

To do this, we offer our customers a high quality standard product and personalized technical advice for the development of new customized products, giving a comprehensive solution tailored to each of the needs.

All this through a highly experienced human team, focused on innovation and technical development to give value to the requests of our customers.


Being a leading company in the national market and an international benchmark in the manufacture of ceramic and polymeric electrical insulators, at POINSA we intend to consolidate this position in the long term and to grow in the market for polymer insulators until reaching the same levels as those achieved in the sector of ceramic insulators.

To do this, we are in a process of internal growth in which the company is promoting both investment in new technologies and machinery, and the incorporation of new human capital to reinforce this project.


  • Passion for our work
  • Honest and fluid communication
  • Experience as guarantee
  • Continuous Innovation and training as a key factor of success
  • Commitment to the development and growth of our customers and suppliers
  • Credibility and professional Ethics
  • Education, Respect and appreciation to the people
  • Teamwork and Development of an Open Corporate Culture
  • Spirit of continuity based on continuous improvement
  • Simplicity and Humility


From our constant concern for people and in order to achieve adequate life balance, in Poinsa we are in a process of adaptation and change in which we are beginning to count among our staff with personnel from special employment centers. In this way we contribute to the employment and social integration of this group (people with disability) and bringing added value to the company, while we fulfill the LISMI (Social Integration for Disabled Person).

Actually we count with CELODISVAL collaboration.

POINSA bets on the commitment to the environment in every one of its manufacturing process through collection systems of excess production along the entire production chain for recycling in order to get a 100% sustainable development, prioritizing at all times the product quality.

POINSA manufactures and owns distribution as an European polymer and ceramic insulator company. We are committed with the environment and we recycle more than 75% of our manufacturing process.


HV insulators manufacturers. Our high, medium and low voltage insulators are nowadays worldwide known in the following markets:

  • Railways
  • Electrical installations/ swithgears
  • Transformers
  • Substations
  • Projects R & D

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