Technical solutions in insulators

Our highly qualified and constantly trained technical department uses the most modern technologies that enable the manufacture of industrial porcelain insulators under the technical specifications required by the needs of each of our clients.

The department advises clients to find the most suitable industrial porcelain insulator solution for their project based on the requirements provided.

Ceramic insulator solutions

Our ceramic insulator solutions, as well as the rest of the insulator catalog, are manufactured with the latest technologies in order to obtain the highest quality and adequately satisfy the demands of different markets and sectors, where our polymeric and ceramic insulators are already a reference.
We provide solutions in ceramic insulators for:

Aisladores en cerámica

Polymer insulator solutions

catalogo de aisladores polimericos poinsa

We expand our product range with innovative polymeric insulators. At Poinsa we select the best raw materials on the market to make a difference in the manufacture of our polymer insulators, in addition to offering our own distribution for total control of the process, from production to delivery of the material.

We offer our clients all possible options to satisfy the most demanding solutions. The positive characteristics of our insulating products facilitate assembly and maintenance, allowing cost and time savings.

Our solutions in polymer insulators have the characteristics of:


New developments in the catalog of Poinsa

Our goal is to obtain new insulators with improved properties that can be adapted to all types of environments, which can present extreme operating conditions. In this way, we are able to improve the supply quality of our insulators and reduce the number of failures.

Our R + D + i department always works by and to satisfy the client’s needs. Our premise is innovation in the field of polymeric and ceramic insulators.

Technical office, our R + D + i

Poinsa, a company that manufactures and distributes polymeric and ceramic insulators, has a technical office in charge of researching and designing a wide variety of products, both silicone and ceramic, to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Hybrid silicone and ceramic insulators

Aisladores híbridos en cerámica y polimérico

new insulator development that is all advantages: ceramic insulator on the inside and polymeric insulator on the surface. The result makes a difference with its technical benefits.

  1. Coating: LSR silicone
  2. Core: Ceramic
  3. Fittings: galvanized Steel


Aisladores siliconados

Another solution in insulators that incorporates the advantages of the different components are ceramic insulators finished with a silicone coating. With this spray technique, a surface with the characteristics and advantages of silicone is obtained, in terms of hydrophobicity, performance improvements and adaptation to especially contaminated areas. Along with having a ceramic base, this new insulator is obtaining great results in the installations that have been applying it thanks to the solutions it provides.

  1. Ceramic coating with RTV Silicone finish.
  2. Core: ceramic.
  3. Hardware: galvanized steel.

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