Technical insulators solutions and new developments

Technical Insulators solutions and new developments

Why Poinsa is a reference  in the world of ceramics and polymers insulators solutions? We love to go one step ahead beyond our technical solutions  and be adapted to the type of needs and requirements that our clients need, including the conditions of the functional customer service. Thus, our R+D+I department is everyday working in the continuum process of innovation, and the development of insulators, focusing in top quality.

Poinsa, as a reference in ceramics and polymers insulators

With the object of outstand in the field of ceramics and polymerics, and markets and sectors as railway, switchgear and transformers, we innovate as become a worldwide reference in the ceramics and polymers field.

We supply technical insulators solutions fulfilling and working with our customer technical specifications.

What can you find in our catalogue of porcelain and silicone insulators?

Insulators solutions

Technical solutions: Ceramics and polymers insulators

We advise every day to our customers in the best solutions for their needs.  Sales commercial department collect the requirements of clients and offer the best appropriated technical insulator solutions whether is silicone, ceramics and polymers in terms of specific conditions of use.

Ceramic/porcelain insulators solutions

Ceramic insulators are designed and manufactured for substations, the capacitors, coil reactors, transformers, wall-bushings, resistors, catenaries, interrupters, bus ducts.

We supply technical solutions fulfilling and working with our customer technical specifications, guaranteeing at same time top quality, check controls and traceability.

Polymers/silicone insulators solutions

Polymers Insulators manufactured with best selected raw materials, such a silicone, fiberglass and metal components are strictly controlled in the whole manufacturing process.

Our own manufactured silicone/polymer insulators present unique advantages such as:

  • Hydrofobicitiy
  • Self-cleaning
  • Lightness
  • Anti-pollution
  • Anti-vandalism

Poinsa new developments

Our R+D+I department is everyday working  in the continum process of innovation, and the new development of insulators, focusing in top quality with a high added value, designed and manufactured for harsh environment conditions.

Take advantage and request without compromise info and data about our silicone, polymer and ceramic/porcelain manufactured insulators for next categories:

Silicone coated insulators, porcelain and silicone insulators solutions

We encourage you to find more info in our catalogues for polymer and ceramic insulators solutions:

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