Railway insulators Solutions

Poinsa is a company dedicated to manufacture and distribution of porcelain, ceramic and polymeric electrical insulators founded in 1978. It is part of a business group that combines its efforts to become a benchmark among the main European manufacturers of ceramic and polymer insulators.

At Poinsa we are experts in the manufacture and distribution of safe and high-performance silicone/polymers and porcelain railway insulators.

A modern and efficient transport infrastructure network is the key to competitiveness and development for a country. Poinsa produces catenary insulators, both porcelain and silicone insulators, of the highest quality for the railway sector.

Poinsa is currently certified in ADIF (Spain), ProRail (Netherlands), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), Bane Nor (Norway) and many other countries.

At same time, Poinsa has the flexibility of designing and manufacturing insulators according to every customer request, always assuring the fulfillment of the required technical specifications.

Types of Railway insulators

You can see below our different insulators, porcelain or silicone, for different railway needs. You can obtain more info in our download area where you will find our porcelain railway and our polymer insulator catalogues.

Insulators 3.3kV

More than 8 different models. In porcelain or silicone. Assembled with metal fittings or just spare insulators. Different electrical, mechanical requirements.

Insulators for Railway substations

References as H4-60, H4-95, C4-250III, C6-250IV, 943.770,3964/630A, manufactured in porcelain or silicone, outdoor, indoor, wall-air bushings, insulators for 1kV to 120kV

Insulators for CR-220

Special insulators in porcelain an siliconce as the A-40 1 y CR 2 A4OP

Polyvalents Insulators

A-40 25/30 kV y A-40 25/30 kV MT models

Insulators manufactured for conventional lines, 3.3kV and for high mechanical request specifications.

High Speed insulators

Silicone and porcelain insulators for High Speed lines. From 15kv To 25kV with a broad range of fittings.

Thousands of our insulators are set in countries like Spain, Germany, Holland, Norway, Israel

All our insulators are checked and tested in our updated facilities.

Test and certificates

Our insulators are tested in official renown international laborarories such as EGU, ITE,

Poinsa is accredited and certified in companies like ADIF (Spain), ProRail (Netherlands), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), Bane Nor (Norway) and many other countries.

Type test in renown international laboratories have been successfully performed to our convetional and high speed insulators.

Consult our catalog of railway insulators.

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