Quality Standards at Poinsa

Product quality is one of the most important attributes in any company. It can be said that it is the cornerstone held in place with the aid of other values. A product’s quality consists of providing value and thus managing to stand out from the competition. This is of the utmost importance for us. Do you feel the same?

Quality standards in our products

To manage to ensure quality standards in our products we work towards meeting each necessary premise. A guarantee of quality, control and testing processes in all products, making strident efforts to obtain the quality standards certificates and approvals necessary.

Quality guarantees

All of the products that you will be able to find in our company are manufactured and tested for both high as well as low voltage, following the standards established by the relevant bodies.  We endeavour to achieve daily improvement at all levels to thus ensure the highest quality standards in our products. We wish for our products to satisfy our clients’ expectations, and of course, our own. We like to set targets to reach these levels and thus view professional and personal development of all the persons involved in the team.

Controls and testing processes

When manufacturing products, it is of essential to verify the proper condition of all the raw materials required for the implementation of these products. This process is performed in an exhaustive manner from within the quality standards department. Thanks to these tasks, we can guarantee the proper functioning of the end products.

When the raw materials have passed through quality control processes the product manufacturing process can begin. Before sending any product, all the corresponding testing processes are performed as per the applicable legislation in force. These tests are not performed solely in our company but are also outsourced to different laboratories so that these can help us to corroborate the quality of our products.


Our products have been endorsed with all the certificates necessary in compliance with the standards established by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). This is an organisation entrusted with standardising electrical, electronic and technological fields. We also meet all standards demanded on the part of the UNE-EN (standards established in our country and standardised in the European Union).


Prior to marketing any of our products, we make sure that all the necessary approvals have been granted to do so. To achieve these, we work in tandem with companies such as ABB, ADIF, ALSTOM, AREVA, IBERDROLA, RED ELECTRICA DE ESPAÑA, amongst others.

To ensure the processes mentioned above, at Poinsa, a strict  quality standards policy  is in place, whose function is to vouch for and comply with all of its conditions without exception.


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