Poinsa, experts in the manufacture and distribution of polymeric and ceramic insulators

Poinsa. We are a leading company expert in the manufacture of polymeric and ceramic insulators who take care of the entire process by also taking care of the distribution of the insulators.

Since the company was founded in 1978, from a business group, we have combined efforts to consolidate our leading position and become the leading benchmarks as European manufacturers and distributors of ceramic and polymer insulators.

For this, the company is in a process of internal growth to boost investment in new technologies and machinery, as well as the incorporation of new human capital.

Why are our polymeric and ceramic insulators so high quality?

We have quality controls throughout the production process, from the manufacture of each of our high, medium and low voltage insulators, to the final distribution to the customer.

We guide our clients to offer them the most optimal solution for the business: High-quality insulators and personalized technical advice for new developments of customized products.

One of our premises is the constant investment in new technologies in the sector so that our insulators present the most cutting-edge technologies in the sector.

We develop custom insulators to adapt to the requests of the most demanding customers. Ceramic insulators? Polymeric insulators? Silicone insulators? Low, medium or high voltage insulators? Any need that is required, Poinsa will offer you the best solution.

Are our ceramic and polymeric insulators for you?

Our low, medium and high voltage insulators (polymeric, ceramic, silicone and compounds) are in great demand in the sectors:

Poinsa, experts in the manufacture and distribution of polymeric and ceramic insulators

Do you need any solution for ceramic or polymeric insulating products? Do you need technical solutions in insulators? Don’t you know exactly what you need? We are here to help you. Contact us