Our ethos in the manufacture of our products

They say that to achieve success, you need three things: desire, courage and forthrightness. In our company we fully believe in this, and for this reason we try to adhere to this ethos and put it into practice in order to be able to offer the best possible service to our clients.

To ensure the success of our company we have grounded this on four highly significant points which we bear in mind during the manufacturing process of our products:

  • Quality: ensuring the quality of our products through exhaustive quality control measures during the entire productive process.
  • Guidance: advising and accompanying the client during the entire service.
  • Investment: to obtain the best products, the best machinery and professionals are needed. At Poinsa, we do not cut corners in terms of costs in our efforts to achieve the highest standards.
  • Development: product customisation to offer something different, something that makes the client feel special for owning our products .

Still unsure? All you need do is contact us  to find out more, but should you wish to delve deeper, here is a video will undoubtedly help you to learn more about our endeavours.


Poinsa’s Ethos

Do you wonder what is our ethos in the manufacture of our products? This is the simple response. We take meticulous care to ensure every detail is completed to achieve the following aims:

  • National and international coverage: we have set forth the mission to carve out a niche both in national and international markets for the implantation of ceramic and polymeric electrical insulators . With a view to reaching said aim, we offer products of the highest quality coupled with assessment on-hand during the entire process, both in the pre-sale and a comprehensive aftersales service in order to ensure the best results at all times.
  • Maintaining our position: the most important thing is not reaching the milestone, moreover, remaining there. At Poinsa, we strive on a daily basis to position ourselves at the forefront of the worldwide insulator sector. In recent years, it would appear that we have done the same with ceramic insulators and our wish is to achieve the same in the market for polymeric insulators.
  • Remaining faithful to our values: no matter how high you climb; it is essential not to lose sight of the path that has led you there. This will mean that you recall the efforts you have had to make and allow you to remain at the highest level. To achieve this, we stick to simple and necessary rules that are easy to implement in any company: We undertake our endeavours with passion, maintaining fluid and honest communications, mixing a breath of fresh air into our team without overlooking the value of experience, these aspects have taken us to the highest position. Keeping up-to-date, in terms of innovation and professional training, offering a commitment, both with regard to the team, as well as with our clients and suppliers, working always as a team and following simplicity and humility also form part of our professional philosophy.
  • Social responsibility: if we are happy with what we do, we will do it perfectly. This, for us, is the key. We aim to aid the implementation of a family-friendly approach so that the working timetable can be beneficial to both parties, while obtaining maximum performance benefits. Furthermore, the company is highly aware of its commitment to the environment.
  • Environmental responsibility: The commitment to the environment is increasingly more important in the chain of production in any company nowadays. We undertake the recycling of the entire production chain to achieve its sustainability, without forgetting the product’s quality.
  • Market: We currently operate in the railway, switchgear, transformer and substation markets, as well as providing products for R&D+i.

In order to achieve the highest quality products it is necessary to have on-hand all the required factors to reach these goals. You can say it is like mixing a cocktail, no ingredient is more important that another, yet without one, the flavour would not be the same. At Poinsa, we are well aware of this and for this reason we are concerned with covering each one of the details.