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At Poinsa, we engage in the manufacture of our products ensuring the highest levels in terms of standards and aiming to meet clients’ needs. Our ceramic and polymeric insulators are market leaders, both on an international as well as national scale. Would you like to know more about them? Keep reading to find all the information you need.

Electrical Polymeric Insulators

One of our flagship products, which has managed to carve out a significant niche both on domestic and foreign markets, is our polymeric insulators. This product is manufactured in line with the highest standards. To achieve this, our aim is to undertake a proper development process under the exhaustive supervision of our team using the most cutting edge technology on hand.

Why choose an electric polymeric insulator manufactured by Poinsa?

It is clear that ourselves recommending our own electric polymeric insulators will not be particularly convincing, but we are certain that after reading this and verifying that we have said is true, you will trust us unreservedly.

  • Their working lifetime is guaranteed: for us the sale of our products is not the most important thing, moreover, we seek our clients’ satisfaction. It is for this reason that we place particular emphasis on developing a product that will work properly for the estimated number of operational years. To achieve this, we adhere very strictly to our in-house quality control mechanisms, always fulfilling standards testing imposed by the corresponding legislation and ensuring compliance with clients’ exact needs.
  • We offer approved products. Our products are endorsed with the necessary approval required both on a national and international level.
  • ISO 9001 Certifications: from the year 2015, Poinsa has been acknowledged as one of the official companies used by the main electrical and railway companies, both in Spain and abroad.
  • Experience. Our company has been operational since 1978. It boasts wide ranging experience that it puts into practice on a daily basis in the development of its products.

Railway Insulators

Railway insulators  is another of the standout Poinsa products. Our company is currently entrusted with producing overhead rail line insulators, made from both porcelain as well as silicon for the railway sector in different countries, namely, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway, amongst others.

Do you have a specific request? Fear not, we are able to perform the design process and manufacturing process of any specific insulator, always complying with the corresponding legislation in place.

Insulators for Switchgear

The manufacture of insulators for switchgear in our company is compliant with the requirements set forth for electrical insulation and mechanical resistance, duly taking into account all the possible scenarios.

Are you aware of the advantages of using our insulators for switchgear? Below is a list of each one of them.

  • The amount of metallic materials for each one of the columns is reduced.
  • They are developed to be as compact as possible to require the minimum number of units.
  • More escape routes are fitted in the same space.
  • The possible risk of electrical perforations is reduced by the implementation of a compact body without outlets or holes.
  • Our insulators for switchgear do not produce interference with either television or radio signals.

Are you still unsure about any of our insulator products? You can consult our catalogues  or ask us directly. We will be delighted to help you!

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